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Genealogy of the family Osiander

osianderGenealogy of the family Osiander (a genealogical test) Author: Dr. It. Lehmann, first pastor to Labiau in East Prussia. Königsberg 1890

In the collegiate church of Stuttgart is an epitaph to Dr. Lucas Osiander, denominated in the closing words of the inscription: “Hunc ad Coelestem fac Christe resurgere vitam, Interea similes da sine fine firos”

The desire of the last line was absolutely true, ist doch die Familie Osiander als großes evangelisches Theologengeschlecht Deutschlands in die Geschichte eingegangen. Basis for this work was the writings of the Konigsberg professor theology. and reformer Andreas Osiander *19.12.1498 Gunzenhausen, +17.10.1552 in Königsberg. Thus, in several years' work was the presentation of the development and expansion of family Osiander.

Bemerkswert, that all of this Andreas Osiander male lineal descendants in a straight line (11 Generations at the time of publication) Theologians were, or. still are. This fact gives the book its uniqueness.