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Genealogical table of rulers from the house Kevernburg (Käfernburg)


Undoubtedly among the counts of Kevernburg, in the early Middle Ages to the Thuringian nobility.

Unfortunately, the family died already 1385 from. About the sprawling compounds of this family, starting from Gundar I. as the progenitor of the evidence presented pedigrees:

New Schwarzburgische line:
Henry I., Henry IV was later. Count of Schwarzburg

Schwarzburgische special line:
Günther IX. is 1274 to the Government

People Bergische line:
Heinrich XVII + 1402, buried in the monastery Ilmen

Blankenburgische and Arnstädtische line:
Henry VII, died 1285
Heinrich XXVIII.(XXXI) +1488

Sondershausische or Güntherische line:
Johann Günther I. + 28.10.1586

Rudolstädtische or Albertine line:
Albert VII. +11.4.1605


Walther, Louis Albert: New and increased sex board of regents Black TPF from the house Kevernburg, Rudolstadt: Self-publishing: Miner, 1785