Collection Redinghovenstraße

Johann Georg was born in Düsseldorf on Redinghovenstraße 10. November 1628, son of Dr. of. John Winand v. Reding Courts († 1631) und der Margaretha Mattenclot, He came from a patrician magistrates sex Nymwegens, which is already in 1 J. Centuries appears in documents.

Johann Gottfried von Redinghovenstraße (+1705) deduced 1660 The National Archives-Jülich Bergische. Tirelessly he had made of archival, chronicles, etc.. in 79 Folio copies and originals of documents partly, and a lot of notes collected, relevant to the story and especially for the genealogy of inestimable value. Missing from his collection 5 Volumes (No.. 25, 26, 36, 41 and 70) Three volumes already seem to have disappeared in the first time after death Reding Hoven. A publication of the whole collection would be for the historian, a sensation. A part has been digitized by the BSB Munich.

Content Directory the manuscripts collection of the secret council, and archivist John Godfrey of Redinghovenstraße in the k. Court- and State Library in Munich, edited by Baron von Hammerstein, Berlin 1885

Bd. 24: Seal of the Archbishops of Cologne and the German Emperor (in fine pen and ink drawings) – BSB Cgm 2213(24

Bd. 30: Court- and Hofgerichtsordnungen 1563 – 1602 – BSB Cgm 2213(30

Bd. 38: Ancient chronicles of Cleves and Mark, of Jülich and the origin of the Count, Mountain, Cleve, Mark, Funds – BSB Cgm 2213(38

Bd. 62: The gentlemen to Altena in Holland – BSB Cgm 2213(62

Bd. 69: Coat of arms of the nobility from the Cologne and Mainz cathedral chapter, Adel tests – BSB Cgm 2213(69


Fuerth, Hermann A. and of Loersch, Hugo: Posts and material on the history of the Aachen-patrician families, Flight 2., Page 32-34, Bonn 1882 (Genealogy of the Family)

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