The abbots Pelplin Rembowski: Unfortunate and blessed times 1563-1649

Leonhard Rembowski the old and young in as abbot Pelplin

Pelplin , once a famous abbey , since 1824 residence of the bishops of Culm , in an area surrounded by small hills valley is , by the heel winds , which flows into the Vistula at Mewe . By the year 1887 Pelplin belonged to a circle Pr . Stargard, since then of the county was assigned Dirschauer .

An abbot was at the head of a monastery ; in his hands was the ultimate management . He took the monastery to the outside and took the name of that all contracts and documents . He led a special seal , him with the rod and book represented and coat of arms , his name and contained .

The abbot was in important matters, a Convention to the side and less important in the College of seniors . After their vote is not needed, however, the abbot sent . The Abbot and the Prior were addressed by the Convention members in the third person , while the remaining monks among the “From ” used . His personal service a Hauskappellan or private secretary was assigned to .

In the church, the abbot led the worship and sacramental performed the functions . He was also obliged to keep to the high holidays and all Marian feast high mass . in the choir, he was sitting on the epistle in the first place . He received and reviewed the novice and gave them the tonsure and the four minor orders .

All officials were appointed by the abbot of a monastery and could be discontinued at any time from him again . before him had to take the oath of office and give an account . Choosing the Pelplin was abbots in the XIII and XV . century quite freely and was by absolute majority of the voting monks . Erst im Laufe of XVI . century there were major limitations , so that it eventually just a sham election of candidates appointed by the king sank . In 1538 was namely on the Diet of Petrikau determined , that in future only Poland should be elected by noble birth to abbots .

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