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The ancestors of Louis Ferdinand Wentz (to Pepin the Short, King of the Franks)

Louis Ferdinand Wentz, Genealogists from Passion, has created this work for posterity! Significant genealogists like Karina Kulbach-Fricke and study director Alfred Blömer served him well to help,

of. B. with the ancestors lists the siblings Hutten, the ancestor list of the Count of Bentheim and the ancestor list of aristocratic lineage of “Jehenne La Marck” including the ruling families by Mrs. Kulbach-Fricke.

This ancestor list begins with the author and author of this book, Louis Ferdinand Wentz and leads us back into the world of Castle-, Mark- and Palatine, Herzöge , Kings and emperors, to the time to 750.

About the origin of the Empress Theophano, the Guelph, the Salian, the Hohenstaufen, the Norwegian kings, Tsar of Bulgaria's empire, the Grand Duke of Kiev, the Anglo-Saxon kings, the kings of Scotland, the Carolingians, the Dukes of Normandy, the Bohemian dukes, the Visigothic House Barcelona, the Ottos, the Capetingern, to Pippin d. Short, King of the Franks – in the generation XXXIX.

What is included in the lists of ancestors:

82 Copper Champion 440 Years
32 Reidemeister in 240 Years
19 Tuchfabrikanten in 280 Years
60 Patrizier in 150 Years (Aachen patriciate)
38 Patrizier in 410 Years (Cologne patricians
29 Crusaders in 250 Years


Louis Ferdinand Wentz – My ancestors, Ploen: Self-published 1994

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