CV of Field Marshal Dubislav Gneomar of Natzmer

Natzmer (1654-1739) came from a family of origin Kashubian Pomeranian Uradels, First mentioned by 1202 . He was the son of the Governor in Schlawe, Joachim Heinrich of Natzmer (+1670) and his wife Barbara née von Weyer.

Dubislav joined as a young boy in Dutch and only 1677 services as a lieutenant in kurbrandenburgische. And he took part in the siege of Stettin, and in battles against Sweden, temporarily as Adjutant George of Derfflingers. 1680 He was staff captain and fought 1686 with distinction against the Turks. After the war, the Great Elector appointed him adjutant general.

Natzmer was married twice, in his first marriage to Sophie von Wreech and secondarily with Charlotte Justine of Gersdorff, Dowager Countess of Zinzendorff (+ 1763), by whom he had two sons: Carl Dubislav (+ 1737) Ernst and Heinrich (+ 1739). Both were unmarried and died before the father, so that the line of those who went out of Pomeranian Natzmer. The family, however, had spread and came into the market, to Saxony and Silesia, where they owned several estates. 1806 served in the Prussian army ten Natzmers in high positions.


Memoirs of the Baron of Dubislav Gneomar Natzmer, Royal. Prussian Field Marshal, created with a resume of his own: Eufemia Countess of Eagle Field Ballestrem, Published by Theobald greaves, Berlin 1881 (Download)

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