The life story of Dr. Martin Kemnitz (1522-1586)

The family came from the Martin Kemnitz, belonged to the noble dynasty of Kemnitz, of old Wendish nobility descended in Pomerania. The name comes from the Polish word “Kamien” and mean stone. The name was always written Kemnitz, to Martin, came as the lateinisierte Chemnitius form in use.

The coat of arms, which can still be seen in the Martini Church in Braunschweig, has the half-closed helmet two small lilies, on their stalks woven together, their heads turned downwards. In the three-way split shield, the upper and lower part is empty, the middle but punctured, in the center is a white lily, equal to the emblem of the French kings on red foot.

Father Paul was a merchant in Treuenbrietzen and he built the drapers shop. From his marriage with Euphemia Koldeborn came the three children Matthew, Ursula and Martin. This was on 9.11.1522 born and it is not surprising, that it was the house of a cloth manufacturer, where one particular one talented son of a career, had to take him to the necessity of participation in the time issue.

That he should study, stable already, entered as a circumstance, which would have thwarted this plan almost. Martin fell into the creek ran through the Treuenbrietzen and the cold and the shock had so much on his nervous system, dass er anfing zu stottern. Paul Kemnitz starb 1533, when the boy was eleven years old. Der frühe Tod brachte weitere Sorgen in die Familie.

Martin school in Treuenbrietzen, 1536 Wittenberg and 1539 in Magdeburg. 1543 He took a degree at the University of Frankfurt (Or) on, changed 1545 at the University of Wittenberg, where he focused on the advice of Philipp Melanchthon, with mathematics and astrology. Besides, he heard an autodidact in the theological faculty, the courses of Martin Luther. Melanchthon put her 1547 near, to follow the example of his cousin Georg Sabinus and go to Königsberg in Prussia. Here Chemnitz was first director of the school in Kneiphof and could be at the newly founded University of Konigsberg, one of the first 1548 the academic master's degree the artistic arts purchase… What happens next you can find in the downloadable digital copy, and everything about the genealogies of Kemnitz is reported in the database…


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