Karl von Normann courtly opponent of Bismarck

Karl Wilhelm Christoph von Normann, Born on 21.9.1827 in Franzburg, came from an extensive knightly family, since the 13. First century on complaints, then prove in Pomerania and Mecklenburg, and a number of prominent lawyers, Has produced diplomats and officers.

A native of Stralsund grandfather Axel von Normann (1760-1835) was to 1815 Swedish Colonel; after the wars of liberation, he left with seven brothers and three sons, the Swedish service and was last Prussian Major General. He chose to retreat to the quiet little town Franzburg.

Until the age of eight, has Karl von Normann spent his childhood in his hometown. 1838 he moved with his parents to Greifswald. The father, Lawyer Karl Heinrich von Normann (1787-1862) was a pragmatic man and got used to it early reading and learning. Probably the mother Wilhelmine born Ziemssen, a daughter of General Superintendents and Greifswald theology professor Johann Christoph Ziemssen, reinforces this train yet.

For Normann's career choice was governed by the example of his grandfather. But instead of studying after the visit of the Greifswald Gymnasium, He was a soldier. Aachen and Greifswald were the initial stages of his military career. The next few years were spent in peaceful garrison service Greifswald. He was free from material concerns to succeed and everything seemed.

Twenty-four years old he founded 1852 by Emma Greifswalderin Anderssen (*1834) his own household. 1853 He was ordered to the War Academy and visited them with distinction; after the final training trip he entered the office and began Topographic Hohenzollern in the usual surveying. When he was struck the first setback of his life. A rheumatism forced him to cancel the land images to be healed. The prospect of appointment to the General Staff, he had lost. It was good, him that his transfer to Magdeburg from the Greifswald narrowness heraushob.

In the spring of 1864 went to the end of his military career. The Private Secretary to the Crown Princess, Ernst von Stockmar, was ill and kept watch for a successor, and that was Karl von Normann. The Office of the Private Secretary had received by Stockmar important personality content and color. The role, he played since the marriage of Friedrich Wilhelm with the British Victoria, saw the workings of Jesuit confessors of Catholic royal courts similar in many ways. His secret policy advice of the Crown Prince was very wise, until in a “Larger” in Bismarck, found his Master. To understand its political ways, His wisdom was not enough. When Bismarck 1862 took over the premiership and increased the simmering dispute over army reform the constitutional conflict, Stockmar drove the Crown Prince in the public opposition. Enmity of the heir to the senior statesman was the legacy, with which he loaded the official leadership of his successor Normann.

The task, Stockmar bismarck hostile policy to liquidate, has neither he nor his client recognized Stosch. They harbored deep distrust against the statesman, the 1862 instead of peace brought open warfare. (In the 26. Chapter of “Thoughts and Memories” one encounters Normann's name, Bismarck leads him among his opponents court) Where was the way out of crisis, the two years and people disunited kingdom? Between Bismarck and the heir to the throne opened up a new opposition in the Schleswig-Holstein question pending. The Crown Prince made himself the advocate of his friend Duke of Augustenburg, had raised the wide circles as Lord of the Elbe Duchies on the plate. Bismarck's goal but was the annexation of Schleswig-Holstein to Prussia and it could not bring the Crown Prince…

Normann did not go inside of his master and his old circle of thought. The terrible disease, The Crown Prince 1887 prostrated, met him as a personal disaster. After the change of rulers, he received the instruction, be ready for his appointment as Chief of the Civil Cabinet, but the appointment was not. Empress Victoria prevented his return. His resistance waned. A few weeks after Frederick – at the 17. July 1888 in Brunswick, he succumbed to a heart attack. He found his final resting place in the old cemetery in Greifswald. Normann extensive genealogies of the family are stored in the database.


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