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General Johann Adolph Freiherr von Thielmann

The name Thielmann or Thielemann is often found in Saxony. For the first time he appears there in 1285, where in a document a canon Thilmann of Torgau, Named dean of Bautzen. Is little known about the family. She comes from an old farming community. The tenants of the Office for Zabeltitz Großenhain, Johann Gabriel Thielmann (*1682) was 1720 Dresden captain and as such 1740 called.

A son by him named Johann Friedrich (*31.5.1705) pursued a career as an official and was Oberrechnungsrat. With him was the spelling of the name of this family fixed Thielmann. Johann Friedrich chose a life partner Caroline Seuffert. From this marriage 5 Daughters and 2 Sons. Johann Adolph Thielmann was on 27.4.1765 Born in Dresden. His father intended for him an academic career and brought him so in October 1776 on the Prince's School in Meissen, where he participated in lessons as foreign.

Beginning 1790 He learned the eldest daughter of the former mountain Council v. Charpentier know, Wilhelmine was the oldest daughter and the 16.2.1772 Born in Freiberg. Christmas 1791 Thielmann and Wilhelmina celebrated wedding.

In the campaign against Russia, he led the Saxon Cuirassier Brigade, successfully fought at Borodino, and was almost always in the wake of Napoleon. The King of Saxony then raised Thielmann in the barony….


Johann Adolph Freiherr von Thielmann, Character image from the Napoleonic period, Hermann Peter Dorff (equipped with image) Hirzel Verlag: Leipzig 1894 (Download) at the Russian State Library

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