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The book of heraldry, Hans Ulrich fish with the demolition of the Habsburg History

Demolition of the Habsburg story in rhyme with pen and ink drawings of coats of arms of the Hapsburg coat of arms race, including the spouse; often portrayed as an alliance crest.


Armorial unnd pedigree: The grosmechtigen durchleüchtigen, high and wolgebornen princes and lords: Ertzhertzogen zuo Oestereich and Graffen of Habspurg. From the Gonthramo Reichenn Graffen zuo Habspurg, Altenburg and Windisch, Lived like the mod Jar neünhundert Christ and to zwentzig uf dis gegenwirtige 1622 [?] Yar ... sonderen honor hochloblichem strains zuo samm and brought with usgestrichen Every wapen right colors and jlluminiert by JoAnn Ulrich fish. A heart-shaped garland encompassed titles, with the family crest fish (armlose Meerjungfrau), Crest and two angels.

Coat of arms of members of the Hapsburg coat of arms race and the spouse, often as an alliance crest. In part rhyming with inscriptions and genealogical information.

The counts of Habsburg and duke of Austria: Here follows the family of the noble prince of Hoche Oestereich and altten Graffen of Habspurg, sampt kurtzen an argument of the origin and harkommens gantzen loblichen Stammenns. (Decorative side arms)

The ancestors of the Hapsburgs: Beginning of the Noble uhralten Stammens Graffen of Habspurg unnd hochenn sex from Austria. Anno Christi, six hundred and Dreisig: A sun hat Sigebertus King Theodoberti ...

Provenance of the manuscript:
Anthony Stettler, emptum … 1626, Ownership entry. To Anton Stettler (1587-1648), Landvogt zu Avanches (1627), to Grandson (1638) see Historical and Biographical Dictionary of Switzerland, Bd. 6, Neuchâtel 1931, S. 546. (Provided by the State Archives Aarau)