The history of the Lords of Munchausen

A thorough history of sex-Hochadlichen House of Lords of Munchausen : Wherein the descent of all ancestors of the XII. Century, with many different archives and registries of deeds drawn, Schrifften and other printed products ; with an attachment more often Diplomatum and certificates Sun explaining many Fürstl. Gräfl. Nobles sexes serve ingleichen with requisite Kupffern and trunk panels provided by Gottlieb Samuel spreader, Royal. Large-Britannic and Churfürstl. Braunschw. Lüneb. Court Raht and Prof. Publ. bey the Georg August University.


Origin of Münchhausischen sex and origin of the emblem
From the goods of Munchausen as hereditary fief or lease goods
With certificates, Genealogical tables and illustrations as inserts


Spreader, Gottlieb Samuel: Thorough Sex History Of The House Hochadlichen Men Munchausen, Göttingen: Vandenhoeck, 1740 (The pedigrees of those Munchausen can be found in the database)

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