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Notes and news to family history of the counts and princes since Lieven 1269

The scene of this family plays in the area of ​​the Baltic Sea and includes the Russian Baltic provinces of Livonia, Estonia and Courland with adjacent areas of Lithuania. The family story begins on the banks of the Daugava.

Here the name is the first time in 1269, forth in the third generation after the beginning of the Christian colonization of the West.


The chronological records relate mainly to the possession of goods. In the area of ​​the Archbishops of Riga, the oldest ancestor found as vassals (1269-1389) Gerdt Live (Gerardus Livo) appears 1269 as a witness at a Verlehnung. He might be the oldest winner of the Name. From the third and fourth generation after him are in the oldest seals of 1341 and 1350 the crest of Ludolphus Ludeke and preserved. Joachim Friedrich, District and Mr. White on the field in Haapsalu, died 1713 and was the last Lieven in Estonia.

The family arms in a seal impression from the year 1341, since the Blazon 1550 detected. The arms of the Lieven is the same as the Ungern-Sternberg.


1. Part: That von Lieven in Livland 1269-1389, in Estonia 1389-1713, in Sweden since 1653
2. Part: The Lieven in Courland and in the border areas of Lithuania since 1507


Alexander von Lieven: Documents and messages to a family history of the Barons, Barons, Earls and Dukes of Lieven, Mitau: Steffenhagen 1910-1911

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