Danziger family history posts

Year 1929

Ten years Genealogical Society, Coat of arms- and Sigillography in Gdansk
Danziger source customer
The church records of the Gdansk region in the State Archives
The Gdansk city clerk to 1650
The family Groddeck
Ancestors of Hans Albert Hohn Feldt

Year 1934

The State Archives Gdansk and Family Research
The church records at the Gdansk area
The Gdansk portraits
The Gdansk city clerk 1650-1700 and 1700-1730
The family and Lobeck Lobeckshof
The wedding book of the fort in Gdansk Weichselmiinde
Initial list of studbooks in Gdansk
The Danzig patrician Giese family
Danzig Mennonites from the year 1681
Opportunity fund: Four baptisms Jews from Danzig

Year 1938

Settlers from the Erzgebirge in Gdansk Country
The Danzig patrician Giese family (Nachgtrag)
Genealogical relationships between East Prussia and the Rhineland
Gdansk Town Clerk 1730-1793
A pedigree of the “Salmon”
Danziger family history sources in the archives of the family then-Plehnendorf
List of names

Year 1943

The owners of Helgoland
The Funeral Book of St. Salvator Church in Gdansk from 1709
Baroque funeral sermons and their significance for us
Sources of Danzig and West Prussian family coat of arms
A list of Mennonites from the year 1776


Genealogical Society, Coat of Arms and Seal customer in Gdansk

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