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The pedigrees of the family Rosenow

The family is of German Rosenow (Lower Saxony) Origin, and took the family name by the time of the founding of the city Sternberg in Mecklenburg (as. 1250) after lying by Sternberg and her obsessive village Rosenow (-Rosenau) an.

The first of the family is on 25. January 1306 Burchardus de Rosenow as Senator Sternberg called. It is followed by the 16. More 1354 Hermann Rosenow, Citizens to Sternberg.

The coat of arms, the lead all family members listed in the tables were entitled, comes in the first seal impression found in the reports of the bailiff to Christian Rosenow Doberan.

The plate shows there are three stars in the position 1:2. Die jetzt gebräuchliche und allgemein angenommene Form des Wappens wird auf dem Foto ganz unten dargestellt.


Rosenow, Ludwig: The genealogies of the main line of the family Rosenow, published 1894-1896

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