Contributions to the history of the family of Loebell

After Zedlitz the family from Alsace and Austria came to Swabia. Georg von Loebell, Orders to Captain Wartenburg was in 1454 The Duke of Sagan Rudolph the Teutonic Order sent to help.

In this way, a part of the family came to Prussia and Poland, and later to Kurland. Dieser Georg von Loebell war der älteste Sohn von Ludwig von Leubell genannt von Loebell, to the end of the 14. and early 15. Century was as Erbsaß on Doberau and Soritz in Silesia.

George was a grandson of Caspar von Loebell, around the year 1563 Order of Captain George Castle; of this comes in direct line of the 15. October 1841 in Berlin and died on 2. October 1777 to the manor born in Courland Pobuschen Karlgeorg of Loebell, Commandant in Berlin.

After John of Loebell proved his pedigree and 1645 acquired the Courland Indigenat, recognized the family acquired in Courland and was also the Polish Indigenat as altadelige family.


Loebell, Robert of: The history of the family of Loebell, Berlin: Mediator, 1895

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