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The famous family of the Lords math Rhodesia (Mathesius)


Wolfgang Mathesius, died as the progenitor of the family and counselor in Rochlitz 1521. With his wife Christina Scheuerfuß he fathered four sons:

Lucas studied anno 1500 in Bologna and earned his master's. But he was already 1556 to.
Burckhard was time rector of the school in Nuremberg Seebalder. John, born 1504 in Rochlitz, was known as a reformer and preacher.
He used to encourage contact and correspondence with Philip Melanchthon, and was married to Sybille Kruciger. (See database)


Judge, Adam Daniel: The old and famous family of the Lords math Sien-Mathesius (gesammlet, and put in a good order and was founded by Adam Daniel judges, Rector of St uff schools. Annaberg) St. Annaberg: Frisian 1755