Images from life and work of Danziger men and women in politics, Economy, Press, Art

Paul von Hindenburg came from an old East Prussian nobility paternal, the family of Hindenburg. He was 1847 son of the Prussian officer and landowner Robert Hans Ludwig von Hindenburg and Beneckendorff (1816–1902) and his wife Louise bourgeois Schwickart (1825–1893) born. Be eleven years younger brother, Bernhard von Hindenburg wrote 1915 The first biography of Field Marshal.

August von Mackensen Ludwig was the son of the steward Mackensen (1817–1890) and Marie Rink (1824–1916) Born in the then Prussian province of Saxony. Without ever having visited the Military Academy, Mackensen was 1880 summoned to the General Staff and 1882 transferred to the General Staff.

In 1891 First he went to the aide of the then Chief of General Staff, Alfred Graf von Schlieffen to. 1898 He was aide and 1903 Adjutant General of Emperor Wilhelm II. 1901 Mackensen took command of the newly formed brigade of hussars in Danzig-Langfuhr.

Randomly picked out:

Karl Knochenhauer, Chamber Virtuoso at the State Theatre Schwerin, geboren13.4.1888 as the son of a pharmacist Hermann Knochenhauer, who came from Luckenwalde.

Max von Kolkow * 7.4.1865 Marienwerder, Government of Gdansk since 1921

Marie Landmann * 11.6.1859 Gdansk and school director and a member of the People's Daily

Gertrude Lehmann Kienast * 16.2.1877 Director of the German Lyceum in Gdansk

Hannah Muench, Dancer and aerobics instructor, * 6.7.1900 Riga, the daughter of German parents

Otto Pertus * im April 1872 in Osnabrück, Director and CEO of the Gdansk Waggonfabrik

Eduard Graf O´Rourke * 26.10.1876, Bishop of the Diocese of Danzig, and honorary canon


R. Franke self-published, Danzig 1927 as Download provided by the Pomeranian Digital Library

Articles Paul v. Hindenburg and August v. Mackensen in ADB (See photos above)

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