Wiguleus Bavarian tribes dog book

Two-volume work of Wiguleus dog Sultzenmos titled Bavarian tribes-book, appeared in 1598 the list of gymnasts and Bavarian nobility.

For lovers of the old nobility and the Bavarian history and gender.


Band 1, Band 2 Provided by the ULB Düsseldorf.

Bavarian Stem-book: 2. From The Duke, Horror, Gentlemen …, then the Thurnier Besuchet . / By … Wiguleus dog Sultzenmos Ingolstadt : Sartorius 1598

Hundt's book Wiguleus Bavarian tribes Third Part. With the additions of the archivist in Libius: Max von Freyberg: Collection of historical writings and documents. Bd. 3, Stuttgart / Tübingen 1830, S. 159-797

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