The family of Lengerke 1500 to 2003

The present here part of the family history of those “of Lengerke and Lengerken” brings in considerations of a purely informative form of the name, the coat of arms, the origin and distribution of this family and the emigration to the Hanseatic cities, to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria and the United States. It continues to follow the family trees unbroken series with the still partially blooming, and the extinct branches and twigs.

The compilation is based on documents, Seal, old records, Images, Epitaphs, Grave stones, Church book excerpts, and other written and oral traditions.


Maja von Lengerken: Family of Lengerke(n) 1500-2003, 1. Band, General Section, written in Weingarten 1980 (Donated to the Family History Library)

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