Coats of arms in the Estonian Historical Archives

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The database “Coats of arms in the Estonian Historical Archives” provides an overview of the illustrations of coats of arms, kept in the collections of the Estonian Historical Archives.

In the database you will find both the coat of arms, the diplomas come from the original, drawings as well as the crest of a later date, which were presented to demonstrate the nobility and the right to keep a coat of arms, Furthermore, the coats of arms, which are in the collections of arms collectors u.ä.

The largest number of coats of arms drawings in the Archives of the Estonian knighthood (Stock 854), The original certificates and copies thereof, genealogical tables, Acts of the noble families, the Estonian knighthood were enrolled in the, as well as on those, who were not enrolled, includes. The once belonging to the materials of the Estonian knighthood Matrikelkommission two books, which the drawings of the coats of arms contain, in the library of the Estonian Historical Archives kept.

Acts of the Estonian nobility are also in the archives of the Estonian Matrikelkommission Charitable Association (Stock 1674). In general, these files contain the arms of the families in question.

In the archives of Öselschen knighthood (Stock 957) Both the patents of nobility, which are decorated with the coats of arms Drawings, as well as the records kept of the noble families enrolled. A portion of this document also contains drawings crest.

A large number of shares subscribed by an unknown person coats of arms is in the collection of cultural and historical documents contained in Estonia (Stock 3742)


Baron Gotthard von Bistram, Lord Chamberlain and chief butler to the Duke of Courland (Polish nobility) Enrollment years 1745, granted by Charles IX.

The patents of nobility, which include the coats of arms, and genealogical tables are also found in the family holdings, For example, the existence of the family Wrangell, Stackelberg, Seidlitz, Wendrich, But in isolated cases in other stocks, such as the materials are located on the Girard family de Soucaton the archives of the Society expedition “Thomas Clayhills & Its” (Stock 4924).
In addition to the crest images are in the database the following data about the noble families: Whom and at what time was the question presented arms; by whom was the family in the aristocratic, Baron-, The Baron- or count conditions imposed; when the family was in Estonia, Livonia, Osel or. Sweden entered into the of nobility; will be specified when needed, what branch of the family it is; added the references to the archival, related to the family concerned.

Source, and web link: Coats of arms database at Estonian Historical Archives (With many thanks to Hanna of the Tartu University Library)

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