Kursell a German-Baltic nobility

The family can be documented only in Kursell XV. Century demonstrate. The first of which we know Kursell, George's (Jürgen) Kursell in Kurland. 1442 George was invested with five and a half hook country and remained there for nearly a century in the family. In 1528 they gave the fief to. With the consent of Wolters Plettenberg sold the son of the first Lehnsträgers his father's estate and went to Livonia.

Only one member of the family seems to have remained in Courland, for the year 1591 here is one called Arend Kursell. Arends son went to Reval and entered the service of the noble Joachim Greve.

Jürgen brother had an inglorious end here. At a banquet he stabbed the nobleman Mettstaken and was therefore on 14. September 1597 directed against the Church by the sword.

The progenitor of the family, attributed to the unbroken succession in all the branches can be Arend Kursell, as a member of the dorpatschen knighthood at the end of the XV. Century, sitting in his home Sommerpahlen which includes the goods Kerjel, Rauge and nursie were. His marriage to Gertrude by Doenhoff came two sons: Jurgen's rich heritage as his father's estates and well-Reinhold, the 1549 the University of Wittenberg visited. It must have been a gentleman to be hochgeachtetet, the ruler in his honor held, Jurgen Vogt on this pin Kursell Sommerpahlen. He was one of the so-called castle darn sexes and his word was in the country. The office of Vogt pin of Dorpat, he managed by 1544-1550, He also was 1543-1551 Councillor Bishop Jodocus von der Recke.

A large group of children presented him with his wife Ebba von Uexküll, There were 6 Sons and 2 Daughters. As his son Klaus 1558 is mentioned as Lord of Sommerpahlen, is the death of the father's home in this time. One daughter had married the gallant Jürgen von Uexküll Padenorm from the house and the other with the wealthy knight Wolmar Farensbach, the number of items were located in Wiek. Wolmar's marriage was rich in offspring: under 11 Sons it was the ninth 1550 that boy was born, named after his grandfather as a mercenary leader Juergen make speeches should.

The sons of Jurgen Kursell: Klaus, Jost, Wolter, Christopher, Jurgen and Henry were all grown up, broke when the great disaster of all. By treachery and intrigue (the case Neuhausen) was lost in heftigen Kämpfen Dorpat. Also Sommerpahlen had fallen into the hands of the enemies. The landscapes of Estonia and the Tallinn city were much less than the actual Livonia was taken by the Russians. Denmark, where King Christian III. his last days alive, also threatened to take root in Estonia. At the 25. July 1558 had the gene of Danish Christoph Franz von Munchausen by Commendatore blessing Hagen. Blackbird Reval castle by buying put in themselves and as the King of Denmark governor put into administration. There followed a long period of unrest and turmoil, and where names like Gustav Vasa, Prince Frederick II. (Son of the King of Denmark) Duke Magnus of Holstein, Eric XIV. In Reval was expected since the autumn 1560 with the Swedish government…

King Eric had a part of Estonia and Livonia, and taken possession as early as 1561 Klaus is known as a Swedish captain Kursell, immediately after the dissolution of the Order state. Within the family was very much his word Kursell, because brother Henry, Brother and nephew Juergen Juergen Uexküll Fahrenbach followed his example. Kursell befehligtejetzt 326 Riders such as from the Swedish screening role is seen…Klaus was born on Kursell 3. June 1570 beheaded in Tallinn.

Brother Henry (+1606) was through his marriage with Agneta Scharenberg founder of the widespread family. His daughter Elizabeth married Hermann von Plate, Magdalene married Tuwe Bremen Rumm. Son Jürgen became the husband of Sophia of Fircks, Christopher married Elizabeth of pigeon, Claus was the husband of Gertrude of Grotthus… While the name of Jürgen Kursell can hardly remember, We learn of the gift of John III. to Jost and Wolter. They were given 1572 together the good and the village Hasik Kidepe in Wiek. Jost Kursell made himself a resident of Sweden.


The Colonel Klaus Kursell field and its time : Ehstlands a picture in the first period of Swedish rule, Ernst Seraphim: Reval : Kluge, 1897 (Download)


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