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Great German from Pomerania

As part of this special exhibition here Pomeranian personalities from all fields of art, Scientists and mathematicians, Political personalities, Legal scholars, Language- and literary scholars honored. A special highlight are the portraits in the back of the book. She owns a name like: of Schimmelmann, Rubenow, Adelung, Groening, Bill Roth, Virchow, von Dewitz, by Winterfeld, von der Marwitz, of Borcke, Schwerin, Fire, Runge, Ledebur, von Kleist, von Manteuffel, Bismarck, Bugenhagen, Mevius, of the East, Normann, Dohr, Kugler (to find some with their genealogies in the database[...]

Codex Pomeraniae Vicinarumque Terrarum Diplomaticus

Title: Friederich von Dreger, weyl. Royal Prussian Geheimten Finantz-Rath, Codex Pomeraniae Vincinarumque Terrarum Diplomaticus: Or certificates, then the Pomeranian-Rügianisch- and Caminschen, also the neighboring countries, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg, Prussia and Poland to address, consisting of nothing but original research, or at least archiuischen copies in chronological order, compiled and illustrated with notes. (I. Band up to the year 1269 ) In addition to an appendix, which the portraits of the dukes Pomerellischen, some improvements and comments, Specification of a second-hand sources in this band, and a four-fold over the tab therein[...]

View over the garden fence: German Genealogy Blogger

Timo Kracke mit seinem Blog Genealogie Tagebuch hat gerade diesen sehr interessanten Beitrag geschrieben zur Deutschen Genealogie Bloglandschaft – a very good idea in my opinion, because, in fact, are not with us so many blogs dealing with genealogy / Genealogy, because it looks even better in the U.S.! The compilation of previously known and interesting German genealogy blog reads as follows:

German needle samples from the Order's Central Archive in Vienna

In his contribution ancestors samples in early modern Klaus Graf quoted from his article “Ancestry“ in: Encyclopedia of the Modern Age, ed. Frederick Hunter, Bd. 1, Stuttgart 2005, Sp. 146-14… The ancestors of the sample was credited with the presentation of the origin of four, eight, sixteen, etc.. noble ancestors (Needle sample). That was especially important in the German-speaking ancestry a normative instrument of exclusion, should insulate the domestic cooperative or an institutional space from unwanted intruders. When the ancestors of the sample in the form “Aufschwörung” had sworn subjects and witnesses[...]

Codex diplomaticus Silesiae (Collection of documents on the history of Silesia)

The collection of books with the title deed Codex diplomaticus Silesiae the history of Silesia has been published since the last third of the 19. Century by the Association for History and Antiquity of Silesia. This collection of all “online ” volumes available in the DjVu format, I would like to present chronologically: