An ancestor of printed 1548 Luther's Bible

It's an extraordinary book, The Hannelore Lufft their own calls: Well 15 Centimeters thick, it is probably, The yellowed pages strong, many of them torn. The relief and is decorated with metal-reinforced leather cover not less worn. Easily can be guessed, how often it has to hand made and how many times has been read is already. The book, of the 69-year-old Bückeburgerin so much at heart, is a Bible - a "King James" to be precise. Printed in Wittenberg in the year 1548, two years after the death of the reformer Martin Luther.

It is not merely the considerable age of the book, the faithful for the special senior citizen intangible value of this edition of the Bible makes. Especially the former craftsmen, the work of the antiquarian has printed at the time, it is worth determining for. Why, which is clearly, when you open the Bible: "Printed by Hans Lufft" can be read there, namely…


The article is by Michael Plant, Bückeburg and appeared today in the Schaumburg-Lippe-state newspaper. Read the full article..

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