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Guest Post: A forced marriage Anno 1789

is to media reports today a lot about forced marriages

The already existed , as the following story shows , vor gut 200 Years, but under different conditions .

In Forsthaus to Paulinzella in Thuringia was John Ludolph Offeney (1726-1799) from 1753 Ordnance and forester . His daughter was on 23.7.1764 baptized in the church in charge of Paulinzella Milbitz at Rottenbach the name Louise Antonia Friederica .

20 Years later, anno 1784, she witnessed the hunter named Hickman was dishonorably a maid . was on 23.5.1785 Milbitz baptized in the name of Sophia Maria Christiana . (Full details of the genealogies of families Offeney and Hickmann can be found in my database)

At the 23.2.1789 then the hunters to Paulinzella Johann Gottfried Theosophus Hickmann on regulation of the Princely High Consistoria with the forester's daughter Louise Antonia Friederica Offeney zwangscopuliert . That was also the time , because 4 months later was the second begotten of the couple before marriage daughter born and died on 10.6.1789 at baptism in the name Milbitz Lucretia Friederike Henriette .

At the 20.4.1790 was Johann Gottfried Theosophus for foresters in Rothenburg forest in the Princely Schwarzburg Rudolstädtischen Under rule on Kyffhäuser Mountains appointed . ( Staatsarchiv Rudolstadt , A XVI , 4 Nr e . 12) and simultaneously signed a commitment on the performance of its duties and obligations as a forester . He had since his residence in the forest house above Kelbra . Dort kamen , except the two girls born Paulinzella , other 5 Daughters and 4 sons of the couple to the world .

Johann Gottfried Theosophus Hickmann wurde am 13.10.1756 in Frankenhausen first of 4 children of salt writer , Brau - and pledge master John Paul Hickman and died at the age of 79 Years on 30.3.1836 in Kelbra . Seine Frau Louise Antonia Friederica, Born Offeney died two years later at the 9.9.1838.

successor in Rothenburg forest was loud decree of the Forestry Department of the son Johann Ludwig Hickmann , since the 1822 was substituted for his father, and had in recent years, the forestry managers alone .


Contribution by Wilhelm Schlüter from 25421 Pinneberg and was kindly made available