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General address of the manor- and landowners in northern Germany : together with their possessions


Those: Calsow Fr. : General address of the manor- and landowners in northern Germany : together with their possessions to the site of 500 Morning up : from official sources. 3, East Prussia, Berlin, 1871

The goldsmith's art of earlier times in Prussia


These two works, I would like to point, because it not only the story of the goldsmith's craft in Prussia, a lot of genealogical notes provide. For almost all goldsmiths, or. Goldschmiedemeistern werden die familiären Zusammenhänge erläutert und Hinweise zur Herkunft gegeben und stellen so eine weitere wichtige familienkundliche Quelle dar. The professional jeweler is probably the oldest metal craft in the world. Gold came in the rivers found in pure form and was the first, metal known to man. Goldsmith is the professional term for a craftsman, der Schmuck und Gegenstände aus Edelmetallen  [...]

The noble-Kunheim Kuenheim

Sex is mentioned in documents in 1263 first time with the Knights of Kunz Kuenheim. He was already the name of the headquarters of the family, Kienheim, a village near Strasbourg. The family was descended related to the already 1120 ritterbürtig appearing gender of Berstett. Both came from the same area and also conducted the same coat of arms. The main line of Kuenheim went out as early as in Alsace 1500. A since 15. Century in Prussia-based line could be continued with a road up to the present. He was originally[...]

Archbishop Ludwig Ernst Borowski of

At the 17. June 1740 Ludwig Ernst Borowski is the son of Andreas Ernst Hofglöckners Borowski was born in Königsberg. Among his mentors are the captain of Kunheim (Regimental commander von Thadden) Baron von Loeben and the General Field Marshal von Roder. His father owned a paint factory in the old town, in the 1738 the position of a Hofglöckners at the Castle Church took over. Ernst Ludwig and his brother Georg Heinrich (Professor of Natural Sciences in Frankfurt on the Oder +1801) visited the vaunted Friedrichskollegium (then still with pietistic orientation) 15 Borowski was years old, as he left to enroll at the University of Konigsberg.