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Bassermannsche Family News


The progenitor Dietrich Bassermann is to 1644 drawn in a circle Windecken Hanau. Here he and his wife Christine were born two children: at the 8. June 1645 the son of William, who was baptized in the Church Hospital Hanau and 1648 Little son Johann Dietrich. Dietrich Bassermann had about six years, the high wind mill in corners, before he moved to Ostheim. It has been documented, that he 30 Years old was in the year 1645 – He died in the age of 67 1682. Is reported by John Dietrich, that on 1. February[...]

Master register and the family history Bonte with its ramifications for 1620

For the family history and the family tree Bonte'schen have included the church books of the German and French Reformed churches went through to Magdeburg and Berlin. The basic root of the First Jean Bonte, divided into two main strains of Jean Bonte Bonte and Jean le jeune the Second. Jean Bonte der I. was around the year 1620 born. He was a carpenter and married to Marguerite de la Croix. She bore him two sons. After the Peace of Westphalia, he left driven by the influence of the reformation of the church of his birth and went[...]