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Books of the Order of Merit and Honour and other

Wall crown and laurel wreaths are cast on the Romans, like the golden fleece of the knights of the Middle Ages, or, as in modern times, the Cross of Honour for the soldiers. And if the earlier order was frivolous or origin of certain narrow-minded, purchase if later the same court favor and innate nobility could only, die Abbildungen in diesem Werk sollen […]

Say from the house of Hohenzollern

Zoller Say, Also legendary traits and characteristics of the life of the Hohenzollern. Excerpt from the contents of the three volumes: The castle and the deer Schalksburg, Origin of Hohenzollern, The foundation of the monastery Stetten, Count Friedrich von Zollern, gen. the Öttinger, The murder count to Nuremberg John Cicero, Joachim I. the Nestor, Joachim II. named Hector, Markgraf Hans von […]

From the Hohenzollern Yearbook

Digital documents and images with research on the history of the Hohenzollerns of Brandenburg-Prussia, edited by Paul Seidel published by Giesecke & Devrient. The individual contributions from the vintages of the Hohenzollern Yearbook can be downloaded from the website of the Central and Regional Library Berlin. The contents of the classes can be viewed. I have noticed the following example text:Like this:Like Loading…

Portraits of the Brandenburg-Prussian rulers to Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Frederick William the Great Elector of Brandenburg (1620-1688) found on his accession, due to the 30-year war and a depopulated country from feral. Born the son of the Elector George William and Elizabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate, he expected a full education behind secure walls in Küstrin, bis er schließlich als 14-jähriger Kurprinz in die Niederlande […]