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Fall Book Preview 2010: Berlin and brewery history since 1851

At the end of 19. Century was the in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg district brewery royal city of the leading breweries in the capital. Of 1851 to 1921 left hundreds of thousands of hectoliters of lager "Bavarian" beer the courtyard of the brewery. Nach der Aufgabe der Produktion wurden die Gebäude und die Kelleranlagen als Gewerbestandort genutzt – für den Kraftfahrzeugbau und […]


Bishop D. Emil Albert Karow

Emil Albert Karow was 1871 Born in Prenzlau, the son of Johann and Wilhelmine Henriette Karow Trebbin. The Karows from Uckermark were a rural race, that's been resident at Lützlow Prenzlau. One of the newest members of the family moved into the city from operating in Prenzlau 1869 eine Bäckerei und […]

Personal data of the teachers of Prussia named Rambow and Liesegang

The database of the library for Research on Educational History of the German Institute for International Educational Research currently contains approximately. 190.000 Evidence of teachers and teachers from three different traditions of Prussia: The elementary school teacher index begins with the birth year 1856 for the districts of Berlin and Opole, for from Königsberg 1860, from Liegnitz for 1861, from Wroclaw 1862, for […]