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The pharmacies and pharmacists Kurland


The oldest pharmacy in Courland was Duke Gotthard and his first court apothecary Limbecker 1578 established in the castle Mitauschen. Soon after the appointment of the first Hofapothekers must also be approximately 1600 been established the pharmacy in the city of David his Mitau. At 1700 existed in Kurland unless the court pharmacy or 9 more, increased until the 1795 on 17 Pharmacies. What is the origin of the pharmacist in setting up the medical authority Courland years 1797 concerns, it existed in the whole 108 Pharmazeuten als Besitzer  [...]

Contributions to the history of pharmacy Württemberg

Issue 1: On the history of pharmacy Leutkircher. ChriIssue als Apotheker. The Ulmer pharmacist order of “1491”. Wording of the order of pharmacists Nuremberg (before 1463) and Ulm (at 1470 / 80) – The creation data of the Württemberg pharmacies. Issue 2: The pharmacist exam in Tubingen 1807-1831. The pharmacist of Ulm 14. Century. The beginnings of Schorndorf ApCentury / span> 16 16. and 17. Century. The pharmacies in Sindelfingen. The history of the pharmacist in Reutlingen 17. Century.