Neindorf and the family of Löhneysen, as well as some old news about the Fährmühle

Wolfenbüttel is located south of the village Neindorf. At the earliest times it was called Nienthorpe, later Neyentorpe, Neuendorff, Newendorff, etc.. The time of its formation is probably very far back, at least in the pre-Christian era. The first historical information is from the year 826. At this time gives a count Thuring his goods to the monastery “Corvey”. In 1281 gives Duke Henry the monastery Marienburg on the Advokatie Niendorpe and other localities, who had previously owned a fief of the Counts of Blankenburg and Messrs. von Alvensleben.

A family in Brunswick Nicker Holt had in 1340 tithes of Neindorf and the squire of Wulf gave Neindorf 1363 the monastery and a half hides of land Riddagshausen. Towards the end of 14. Neindorf century came into the possession of aces Burger. Berend of the Asseburg committed 1445 In a letter, that he the dean and the chapter on the Cyriacusberg in Brunswick before the ordinary peasants of the village by his clerk Godfrey of Wunstorf again have the quiet possession of two hides of land to be set Neindorf.

The family belongs to the Upper Palatinate Löhneysen Uradel. They were settled in Witzlasreuth and with the old aristocratic families of Wurmb, Frankenberg, etc. related by marriage and……


Eick Roth, Hermann (Teachers in Neindorf) Title: Neindorf and the family of Löhneysen, as well as some old news about the Fährmühle / zsgest. and Edit. from the writings of the family archive of Löhneysen, and from church, Parish- and school records. Provided by the new language:. Wolfenbüttel: Heckner 1901 (Download)

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