Countess Friederike of speeches give. Baroness Riedesel at Eisenbach

It was in 1760 as the captain of Hussars Friedrich Adolf von Riedesel, Baron zu Eisenbach, The beautiful 15-year-old Frederica von Massow met. Mr. von Massow, King Frederick II. sent to the allied army, was living in Minden.

Riedesel, First in the Hessian service, was created Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick commanding. A year later, Riedesel was wounded by a bullet in the shoulder, and came at the request of his bride in her parents' house to Minden. Riedesel father was not impressed by this connection, circumstances because of the small fortune of Miss von Massow. After the consent was followed, was the headquarters of Duke Ferdinand to Neuhaus in the presence of all the princes and generals on 21. December 1762 The wedding was celebrated. The marriage was a very happy and at 16. January 1767 Hermann was born in Berlin, son. But after 11 Months the child died and the 1770 Philippine-born daughter died. than a year old. Finally in 1771 Auguste was born in the small and finally on 12. More 1774 welcomed daughter Johanne, Juliane, Friederike (Fritze) this world.

After Riedesel on 22. February 1776 had left the Brunswick troops, He was promoted to major general and embarked on 18. March in a Stade. Before he even learned of the birth of little Caroline from 2. March 1776. At the 14. May traveled from the General with her three little girls. From Dover they went to London and spent partly in Bristol and the next few months. At that time, the young aspirant mountain of speeches in London, heard of the German General's, to her husband and three children had followed, and hurried along with General von Schlieffen to Portsmouth, to offer her his services. Then he saw the little blonde “Fritze” first. At the 1. November 1782 was the 5. Daughter born in Canada and called.

In the summer 1797 made the general's with their children (Auguste was already married and the mother of two daughters) a longer stay in Trebschen and from there to Stonsdorf, the beautifully situated estate of Count Heinrich XXXVIII Rich. Reuss. Bruder des XLIV. This is just a little while Stonsdorf of Buchenwald, where Earl lived and operated a speech patterns of agriculture and had created one of the most beautiful parks. Here they found themselves once again. Friederike wrote about it later: ” I found it infinitely alluring, benevolent, truly noble in bearing and conversation”. This went on for a few more times. Frederica was in Berlin, Count words and…

Finally, on 9. August 1802 Trebschen Fritze was in Riedesel, the wife happy Count and later Minister of State Speeches. It was also the birthday of her sister Auguste. The bride wore a fine embroidered white dress. A few days after the wedding the couple left and held on Trebschen 14. August his solemn entry into Buchenwald….

This profound happiness in the year ended 1815 with his death. Graf Reden hatte Fritze zur Erbin von Buchwald eingesetzt, to continue his beautiful creation. Her letters and diaries attest to this passionate grief over her lost happiness..

Their lives and their stations after the death of her beloved husband, to her late in the year 1854 be at Buchenwald described movingly in subsequent work…


Countess Frederica, born. of speeches. Baroness Riedesel at Eisenbach: a picture of life from letters and diaries, Princess Eleonore of Reuss, Berlin: Hertz, 1897 (Download)

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