I am looking for my tribe


The people of my tribe are easily recognized.

They walk upright, have spark in his eyes and a smile to the lips. They are neither holy nor enlightened.

They went through their own hell, have their own shadows and demons looked, adopted and disclosed.

You are no longer children, know well what has been done to them. Have their shame and rage can explode, and then put the past, the umbilical cord cut and pronounced the forgiveness.

Because they want to hide anything, they are open and clear, because they have to repress anything, they are full of energy, Curiosity and enthusiasm.

The fire is burning in her belly.

The people of my tribe to know the wild man and woman in the wild and are not afraid.

They hold nothing for granted, and of course, but to examine, make their own experiences and follow their own intuition.

Men and women of my tribe come together on the same level, respect and appreciate their “Otherness”, confront evil without love and without reserve.

People often go to the inside of my tribe to gather around, Contact with their roots to absorb, there are again, if they are lost in the noise of life.

And then they turn you back to her tribe, because they may communicate and share, Giving and receiving, be blessed and give.

They live heat, Security and privacy.

Separately, they do not feel lost like little children and can deal well with it.

However, they suffer in isolation and longing after their soul brothers and soul sisters.

The time has come to the meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I call my family on!”

Warrior of Light

aho! I opened mitakuve (I know you're such! I call upon my ancestors)

– From the prophecies of the Hopi –
Recommended for experiencing and sharing!

Words of a Hopi elder:

"You the people have spoken, It was five minutes to midnight. Now you have to go back and tell people, that it is twelve clock. And there are some to consider…

Where you live?
What are you doing?
How are your relationships?
You're in the right ratio?
Where is your water?

Learn to know your garden.
It is time, Speak your truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And the leaders are not looking outside of yourselves "

Then he clapped his hands, smiled and said,:

"This could be a good time!«


Usage of the Hopi Indians: