The Life of Field Marshal Count Yorck von Wartenberg

The tradition of family called England as the home of York's. There, the sex flourish in the Earl of Hardwicke, though nothing but the coat of arms bears witness to the old relationship. (Blue St. Andrew's cross in silver shields) As Catholics and loyal supporters of the Stuarts, they had emigrated in the first of which fall under Charles XII of Sweden and gene. came to the Prussian Baltic coast. A marriage was the occasion to change his religion.

Therefore probably originates in the proportion of the goods Gustkowski Buetow, after which Yorck grandfather John Jarken, Gustkowski nannte. The form of the name, but rather raises the suspicion, that the family must be counted in the small circle of the nobility in the Kashubian region.

John Jarcken (also Jan Jarka called) studied theology and had been 1713 Preacher at Stolpe in Rowe and at least the oldest son also chose this career path, A second son was sailor. The two youngest sons swore the oath of allegiance. Corporal Corporal Jonathan David of York (*7. July 1721) Frederick II had. at the 28. July 1747 “good place because of its good qualities Ihro been praised for an ensign in the second and third battalion declare and order”. Five years later on 3. October 1752 He was in the Guard Secondelieutnant. The 7-year-old war he promoted more quickly; in February 1759 He was captain. After the campaign of the 26. Martii 1761 to Eisenberg, Saxony, he was awarded the Ordre pour le Mérite. He changed the name of Jark(in) Yorck and in doing so he gave up his part of the name of Gustkowski.

While he was in the field, he was on 26. September 1759 a son born in Potsdam, the name of Hans David Ludwig received. The mother was a craftsman and Potsdamerin daughter named Maria Pflug. (They say the couple had only in the year 1763 married) After the end of the war the father came to the garrison to Kaliningrad and it seems at times even after Brown Mountain in East Prussia. Ludwig spent his childhood home here along with a younger brother and two sisters. Already on 1. December 1772 was the father of the boy Ludwig v in the regiment at that time 16HP. Borcke in Königsberg and enter already 1773 moving to the new Füsilierregiment, which was formed in brown mountain of the Major General of Luck…

The complete life story of Count Yorck von Wartenberg was published in two volumes and is available for download: Band 1 and Band 2


Droysen Johann August: The Life of Field Marshal Count Yorck von Wartenberg, fourth edition, Veit Publisher & Comp: Leipzig 1863

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