Contributions to the history of the family of Seydewitz 1299 to 1875

The family of Seydewitz is referred to in ancient and modern genealogical magazines as one of the oldest noble families in the Meissen Country, Nowhere, however, find detailed messages about the family, or certified information on the age and origin.

More recently, members of the family have therefore sought, explore in all accessible documents the family; the result of their research is captured in the following publications. The determined documentary news of the family date back to the 13. Century back.

Like most ancient noble families, the family of Seydewitz taken its name from the estate. They owned the goods and Seydewitz Plotha on the Elbe. Whether they come from this area, or whether they are Slavic or Germanic origin, about the lack of documentary evidence.

The oldest known document, in which the place name or Seydewitz Sydewicz occurs, is from the Margrave Heinrich the Illustrious in the evening before Lawrence (9. August) 1251 allocation letter issued, in which that village is listed tributary. Referred to in this document Sydewicz village is the already mentioned family's ancestral property at Muhlberg; other places of this name in Bohemia, Thuringia and Leipzig Country (where there is also a stream of that name) have no demonstrable relationship.

Over time but, since when the family had these headquarters and at all freight in the Meissner state, lacks documentary news. In the Empire- and State Manual of Varrentrapp While it is reflected, that the family already 10. Century was resident, But a more detailed justification is missing. But it seems likely, that the family in ancient times “Plotha” both “Seydewitz” owned and has been called alternately to one or the other of these properties.

The oldest documented proven ancestor of the family is Albertus de Sydewiez, which in a monastery Mühlberg concerned gift certificate from 12. More 1299 is called as a witness. His sons were probably Henricus and Thimo, it has a record of 1341 the monastery book down.

The older line was at 10. July 1773 raised in Vienna in the kingdom baron, and received at 23. February 1743 in Frankfurt the Reichsgrafenstand.




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