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Dietmanns Saxon Pfarrerbuch

To study the history of each parish families, but also the history of the village church, books are the pastor an indispensable aid. Exist for each region of Germany to, sometimes detailed but also partially defective Publications.

One reason this works is “The whole of the unamended Augsp. Confession thane delivered in the electorate of Saxony priesthood and those incorporated, and some adjacent lands … / ausgefertiget by Karl Gottlob Dietmann“, which is now in the digital library of the University of Halle online.

Karl Gottlob Dietmann

Minister, Church historian, Publicist, Writer
* 5.2.1721 Grunau at White Rock, 4.12. 1804 Lauban / Oberlausitz (Full. Luban)

Bd. 1 1752

Bd. 2 1753

Bd. 3 1755

Bd. 4 1755

Bd. 5 1763

At Googlebooks and in BSB Munich the supplementary volumes online.

Abbreviated churches- school history and the princely county of Henneberg, Curfürstl.-Saxon Antheil 1781

Churches- High school history and the kingdom's Gräflicher Schönburg countries in Meissen 1787


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