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Hayek of the forest sites

The name of Hayek (Hayeck, Heyek, Hejek etc) is common in Moravia and Bohemia. Hayek was born to Thomas 1627 was a son of the prior 1658 deceased citizen Wenzel Hayek. He had been 1683 Council and from man 1692 Judge. At the 26. January, he married Catherine, a daughter of the + Johann Ostrovsky, called Wastolyr. Thomas died on 8. November 1704. His wife followed him on 11. November of that year.

A son of this couple named Paul, great merits acquired in his native town, particularly in the defense. Through his 1685 marriage to Anna the widow of the slain rebel Paul Hrabowsky, He acquired considerable property. He was the agent of Count Kaunitz and Dominik 1699-1705 Mayor. At the 21. December 1736 Paul died.

Another son of Thomas named Johann (who later called Johann Siegmund) studied with the Jesuits in ung-Hradisch and then entered as a private secretary in the service of the above counts Dominik Kaunitz. John had been in Vienna on 29. July 1696 married to Marianne by Fridstein. Johann Siegmund received on 5. September in Vienna the old imperial knighthood with the title “of forest sites”. Johann von Hayek of forest sites remained until his death on 1.1.1737 Imperial Empire Hofrat Secretary.

The family history was written by August of Doerr (1846-1921) and as Download available.

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