The Thuringian sex life wall

wappen-wandslebenThe book is about the Thuringian sex life with the original wall to Gebesee, Leutenberg, Erfurt and the village of migrant life. It discusses the related family names tribes as Wandersleb, Wandesleben, Hiking and other life.

It covers the early history of the tribe to 1600 and from the various branches of the tribe 1600 in Thuringia and Worms, During the French period 1794-1814.

Geschichtliches zur Schwanenspotheke in Worms, Grundbesitz und Weinbau der Familie. Die Wandslebe in den USA. Im Anhang wird einiges über die Familie Preußer in Leipzig und Merseburg berichtet.

Title of the Book:

Das Thüringische Geschlecht Wandsleben vom Studienrat Dr. phil. Alfred Wandsleb in Mühlhausen (Download)

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