Contributions to the history of sex Bluth from Stralsund in Pomerania

wappen-bluthThe oldest citizen book of Stralsund, which with the years 1319 begins, found in 1325 the entry: “Everardus and Gherardus of Plote” recorded. This name then returns again continuously in different writing and it can be assumed, so that the ancestors of the family are called Bluth. The name variations are emerging among others: “Ploth, Bare, Plutes, Blouath, Blouth, Blode, Bluth, Bluedt, Blood.

The standard sequence of this book begins with John Blodth , first named 1626, follows in the next generation of Peter Bloth. In Stralsund church records comes after the name 1707 no longer present. The time of the Swedish King Karl XII. was in 1710 the plague introduced to Stralsund. Died of it in 6 Months 4000 People, so presumably are the Stralsund relatives of sex died of that disease. ImJahre 1695 Peter Bluth was founded in Szczecin but his household and blossomed from there up to the present.

The book as Download also includes the standard sequence of sex as a reprint from the 4. Pomeranian band of Germans Geschlechterbuch, with Coat of Arms, 8 Illustrations, Descendants- and pedigrees.

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