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History of the noble family of verses and coming out of Lower heels


Reported as the Scottish legend, belonged to the family of the heel Chat, the old in the county of Katzenellenbogen lived in what is now Hesse, distributed but the time of Emperor Tiberius of their enemies, the first went to Holland. Then they sailed from Holland on the sea and went to Albion, at the very tip of Scotland on land, this should be done in 66 AD.

Documented the sex in Mecklenburg and Pomerania emerged soon after the introduction of Christianity to. Pomerania and Mecklenburg were then populated only by turning (Slavi called) and particularly the Wendish nobility was reluctant, to be baptized. In order to break their spite, certain to 1170 Graf von Schwerin Gunzelin, that anyone would find the change in the county of Schwerin, should be hanged without mercy. Around the same time (1185) I prescribed the Duke Casimir. und Bogislaw I. Pomeranian, the grandson of the first baptized Duke, that each turn, who does not profess to Christianity, should lose his property and that no change should not hold office.

The contact then immigrated mostly from Pomerania to. To carry out those laws, tried to recruit German Gunzelin of Schwerin (especially in Saxony, Hesse and Westphalia) The immigrants were given the property, of the first contact was lost. Thus arose very soon entire villages and large estates.

Even if the family has flourished of verses in the Baltic countries and still flourishes, but all the messages came from the sources previously agreed, that they came from Lower Saxony, more precisely, from Veerßen. Even the name indicated, in Latin Verse and in High German Heel written, in Sweden they went under the name Heel on.

The first of this family was Alexander the Versene. He was the Count of Schwerin as a witness and vassal. According to him, his son Otto simultaneously with Louis de verses mentioned in Frankenberg as a juror. Otto is from 1267 not known, but his sons John and Conrad. Both participated in the service of the Dukes of Pomerania in the struggles for the succession in part in Pomerania. Conrad sat alone on the sex of the district Belgard, for the son of his brother and son John II. remained unmarried as clergy.



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