Chronicle of the city Ellingen

Ellingen a city in Middle Franconia, Roman home of the well-known “German-Order-Coming” and known by the princely residence of Wrede'sch. The Order established here a Scheduled, the 1269 was first documented. During the Middle Ages Ellingen is the seat of the Bailiwick Landkomturei francs. 1377-1378 erteilte Karl IV. the right of the attachment, das er aber auf den Einspruch von Weißenburg wieder zurückzog.


Wehn, Joseph: Chronicle of the city Ellingen, Vormals Commende u. Sitz d. Deutschmeister, Land-Haus-Comenthuren u. Ritter d. Deutsch-Ordens, Ellingen, 1906 (Online-Version in der BSB München – Digitisation on Demand)

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