Description of the chief nobility in Meissen, Saxony, Thuringia

adelsbeschreibungenAnd again, I've discovered a valuable work, that should not go unnoticed. This book covers many different noble families with coats of arms, Background and family history described.

It is entitled:

Therein Warhaftige proper description of the kings fürnembsten- Churchill- and Prince Graffen, Gentlemen,…Bisthumb Stiffte forts castles Empter, Cities…in Upper Saxony fürnemen Provintz, beneben the fürnemsten Men Contrafactur, also Graff Lichen and Arms nobles sexes in three part worn zusamen. With diligence colligirt sonderm ex archivis, and to evaluate many Monumentis revises, Lichen and illustrated with special histories before unbekandten, By Laurentium Peccensteinium Churf. Saxon. Historian.

It begins with the most ancient dukes and kings from the Duchy of Saxony and Meissen, the pins Merseyside, Naumburg and Zeitz describes, also the essence of mountain Marggrafentums Meissen is mentioned, and the knights and nobles estates, das Burggrafentum Magdeburg, the needle stands out Voigtland, Lords of the Russias, the county Thuringia, and Schwarzburgische Chronicle and the Chronicle Gleichische. Online edition:

Name of the noble families:

Bünaw, Einsiedel, Miltitz, Haugwitz, Star Schedel, Sallhausen, Carlowitz, Holtzendorff, Nice field, Köckeritz, Ebeleben, Mirror, Brandt, Mansfeld, Equal, Werther, Witzleben, Barby, Solms, Schulenburg, Schlieben, Hagen, Waldenburg and many more.


Lorenz Peckenstein

Publishing house:

Henning Grosse, Tobias Steinmann, Leipzig in 1608

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