The Baroque library of Jodokus Hermann Nünning

The 7.570 Extensive library of titles to watch House is at its core from the private library of the Jodokus Hermann Nünning. Jodokus Hermann Nünning (1675-1753) is the first historian, dealing as a numismatist with the non-writing traditional country story. His Sepulcretum, a 1713 published treatise on funeral rites, was still 1855 translated into German.

Jodokus Hermann Nünning (1675-1753) Son of Judge Henry and Gaugrafen Nünning in Schüttorf, studied in Münster, the High School and the University of Helmstedt Steinfurt, before a more than five years of educational tour through Saxony, Bohemia, Austria, Belgium and Italy took, and then devoted his scholarly studies in Westphalia. For his library, which was originally intended as the basis for the still to be constructed University Library, he deliberately acquired antiquarian bookseller catalogs of titles on hand. A total of approximately. 1.000 Titles filmed and digitized. > Click here for the offered digital versions.

The following editions of this valuable collection at the ULB Münster noticed me:

Detailed description of the life of Charles XII. King of Sweden…Bd. 5: In them pointed in paragraphs Dreyen, everything in Courland, Livonia and Ingria, has gone to the coronation of King Stanislai and the bloody meetings and city-bey women in Lithuania, Samuel Faber, Nuremberg 1704-1706

John Huebner, Rectoris the Princely Gymnasii to Merseyside, Three hundred and thirty-three genealogical tables, Leipzig 1708

Chronica, or: Kurtz Condensed news from the town of Herford, Located in the Westphalian Creise, Karl Ludwig Storch, 1748

Secret History of Coblenz during the French Revolution, von Montgaillard, Jean Gabriel Maurice Rocques of, 1795

Contribution to the history of the Westphalian nobility, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm of the Berken, Dortmund: Mallinckrodt, 1804

Life and deeds of Christoph Bernhard von Galen, Bishops and princes of Munster, Administrators von Corvey, Muenster 1790

Johann Hobbelings Description Of all the pen of the Cathedral and John Berswordt Westphälisches Adeliches pedigree, Dortmund 1742

Heinrich Meibom Walbeckische Chronike, is truthful and founded report of the uhralten and make sex of the Counts of Walbeck in the Aller, Helmstedt 1749

Genealogia or stem-and sex-VND register the most powerful kings in the United Durchleuchtigsten VND Sweden and Poland, Andreas Hildebrandt, Frankfurt 1631

The story's Municipal Merckwürdigkeiten Half Full or message which is reflected in the country gemelden, I. Before applying the Bischoffthums. Until this day, particularly occurred, Carl Gottlob von Bennigsen, Halberstadt 1751

Historical description of the town Bischoff Werda, Michael Pusch and Heckel, Christian, Dresden 1713

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