3000 Years old: The oldest documented genetic family tree of the world

ZDFinfo shows the most spectacular criminal cases and the latest techniques of DNA analysis

Also for genealogists is the DNA analysis of inestimable value. Example Südharz Lichtenstein cave (Start the video at minute ZDF 29:30) Here was found a hidden cave entrance. The column is only 30 cm. Deep in the mountains an incredible discovery! Of bone 40 People, well preserved in the cold, covered by ice crystals.

At the Johann Friedrich Blumenbach Institute of Zoology and Anthropology in Göttingen was cracked in an elaborate study of the genetic code. The skeletons are 3000 Years old and come from healthy people. Researchers can identify even a large family. “A clan of the Bronze Age – three generations!” It is found and highly specific gene pattern is unique to men in the Harz. The sensation is complete after a broad-based DNA analysis in the village Förste. The study reveals, that there are living descendants of this very large family.

273 Population underwent a voluntary saliva sample. The comparison shows a continuous family line since 3000 Years. Three villagers from the neighboring Forste and are directly related to the Bronze Age people. 120 Generations of this family tree goes back! A globally unique family reunion, thanks to DNA.

Early name occurrences in this region:

Sindram, Töpperwien, Crauel, Peinemann, Schrader, Hattorf, Hedemann, Bötticher, Domeier, Niemeier, Cludius, Bergius, Knorr, Liesegang, Schachtrupp (See database)


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