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The line of the ancient and noble gefürstete Kinsky


The name China or Wehyna, in two equivalent forms, same age and same right, is one of the oldest personal names and Christian names in documents instead of coming to 14. Century in different sexes, and mean “Wehyna´s Burg”. This castle has crumbled long, but it is a village of that name built with landtäfliches associated with the rule Lobosie been well. As gender Wehynie in 15. and 16. Century was divided into several lines, it means the name Wehynie, Wehynsky or Kinsky, the first[...]

Documentary history of the family's Tettau Tettau in the branches and Kinsky


The origin of the family is doing in Bohemia, other reasons for its origin in Germany, where the same is already in 9. Century should have listened to the nobility or knighthood, albeit in a Lehnsoberherrlichkeit under the King of Bohemia related land, probably the Saxon Upper Lusatia or Easter landing. It is true that, that the family here as early as the beginning of the 13. Century has been at home. About the middle of the 14. Century they have spread to Moravia. They left the country but again soon[...]

Memoirs of Nobel Prize winner Bertha von Suttner

Bertha (Sophia Joy) Baroness von Suttner (*9. June 1843 in Prag + 21. June 1914 in Vienna) Austrian writer and pacifist, was. In 1905 she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Bertha von Suttner was born Countess Kinsky of Chinic as native and Tettau of a Bohemian noble family. Ihr Vater Franz Joseph Graf Kinsky, in the front of her birth 75. Of age died, was a retired lieutenant field marshal and treasurer, born in Vienna and legitimate son of the country and the ruler of the Lord Chamberlain Chlumec, Ferdiand Count Kinsky of Chinic and[...]