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Full history of the family of the Barons of Elverfeldt


The lineage extends from the year 1138 until this day demonstrate an unbroken sequence. The Barons of Elverfeldt descended from the Cologne Edelvögten and that specifically of those, the name of Heppendorf led.

Family history of the Mark


The Counts of the Mark emerged from the old Westphalian Counts of Berg. The elder son of Count Adolf von Berg (1140-1170) Eberhard I. Count of Berg, has been called 1161 Altena Castle acquired after the “Count of Altena”. His younger brother Engelbert inherited the name and county mountain on his descendants, the already extinct with his granddaughter Irmgard. Through them, the county became part of the mountain house of the Dukes of Limpur, which from then on at the same time Count of Berg[...]

History of Castles, Manors, Abbeys and monasteries in the Rhineland and the provinces of Jülich, Cleve, Berg and Westphalia


Occupied under the Count and many noble dynasties and free areas in the Rhine. Some were in Diesten powerful counts and lords and received this feud. So it was decided, for example, in 1299 Emperor Albert I. on Opinion ever online princes, Gentlemen, Ministerial and Knight, him by the Archbishop of Cologne submitted Wichold question whether a daughter could follow her father into the Lehn legally? The Answer was, that no daughter was lehnsfähig, unless by the will and agreement of the lord. Some of the vassal[...]

History of counts and lords of Moers


The first possession of the Lords to Moers was not significant. The former Count and Lord of Baerl, Lords of Asberg, Homberg and many foreign freehold had here, which the counts of Moers gradually by buying, Attached to marriage and inheritance are. The life of Count Theodoric II. coincides with the life and the government of Count Rudolph of Hapsburg, on the 30. September 1273 to Frankfurt and on to the elected king 24. October the same year by Archbishop Engelbrecht crowned in Aachen[...]