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History of the Lake Parish (Oberlausitz) Burgers vector in the Roth

The history of the parish lake forms the content of this publication. Were based on the oldest church book, it comprises the time of 1640 to 1745 with a total 493 Pages, the 2. Church of the book with the annual 1755 begins and 1799 concludes, the third of which is the time 1800 to 1839 and a fourth is starting 1840. Aus diesen […]


Documentary history of the family's Tettau Tettau in the branches and Kinsky

The origin of the family is doing in Bohemia, other reasons for its origin in Germany, where the same is already in 9. Century should have listened to the nobility or knighthood, albeit in a Lehnsoberherrlichkeit under the King of Bohemia related land, probably the Saxon Upper Lusatia or Easter landing. It is true that, that the family […]

Message from the House of Frenzel in Upper Lusatia

Starting from the founding father of this family, The Protestant Pastor Michael Frenzel: Frenzel was the son of a village judge in Pietzsch joke on 2. February 1628 to the world. He studied in Leipzig 1649-1651 and was founded in 1651 to the priest appointed by Kosel. Frenzel became famous as the Sorbian and Bible translator. In 1697 reiste Zar Peter der Große […]


Saxonica: Lausizische monthly magazine and New Lausitzisches 1793 to 1900

Lausitzisches magazine or collection of different treatises and news for the sake (Purpose) the natural, Art, World- and country history, of morals, and the fine arts. (Missing issues are searchable via the Internet Archive Lausizische HathiTrust or monthly: Bd. 1793, 1-6 Bd. 1793, 7-12 Bd. 1794, 1-6 Bd. 1794, 7-12 Bd. 1795, 1-6 Bd. 1795, 7-12 Bd. 1796, 1-6 […]