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Holocaust Gedenktag

66 Years after the liberation of Auschwitz on 27.1.1945 – and raised by President Roman Herzog Memorial Day – I would like to introduce you to some helpful websites for genealogists: JewishGen offers to its databases, the ability to research, To find family members with Jewish ancestry. is also a website with “Holocaust Genealogy Resources” JewishGen Holocaust Global Registry, with search by Holocaust survivors, Search for victims and survivors of Auschwitz victims names list and database of Holocaust victims and Jewish immigrants, the largest Holocaust database with many pictures and documents[...]

Max Stern, a German painter

Max Stern was the youngest son of four children. His parents were originally from Frankfurt Adolph Stern (1832-1872) and a native of Trier Pink Johanne Rothschild. The couple had at himself 13.10.1865 settled in Dusseldorf. Upon the death of Adolph Stern, the family lived in the Josephine Street 71. Its on 1.8.1883 late mother lived at that time in the cross road 42. After the death of their parents Max Stern and his three siblings were living with the mother's sister, Victorine Sternefeld (referred to as a widow in the barracks nest race[...]