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Wenceslai Hagecii of Libotschan Bohemian Chronicle: From the origin of their Count Bohemia, Dukes and kings


Wenceslai Hagecii von Libotschan, Bohemian Chronicle, the origin of Bohemia, of their kings and Hertzogen, Earls and nobility Ankunfft, of knightly tournaments and exercises, of inwardly- and foreign wars, fortifications of the country and the cities :

Genealogical tables of the Silesian princes


The Piast dynasty spawned numerous dukes and kings, before to 1370 extinct. The name of the founder and patriarch was Piast, Prince of Polans + at 870

History of counts and lords of Moers


The first possession of the Lords to Moers was not significant. The former Count and Lord of Baerl, Lords of Asberg, Homberg and many foreign freehold had here, which the counts of Moers gradually by buying, Attached to marriage and inheritance are. The life of Count Theodoric II. coincides with the life and the government of Count Rudolph of Hapsburg, on the 30. September 1273 to Frankfurt and on to the elected king 24. October the same year by Archbishop Engelbrecht crowned in Aachen[...]

Die Welt der Habsburger

Die vir­tu­el­le Aus­stel­lung „Die Welt der Habs­bur­ger“ bie­tet ei­nen um­fas­sen­den und in­ter­es­sant auf­be­rei­te­ten Zu­gang nicht nur zur Ge­schich­te der Dy­nas­tie, son­dern auch zu an­de­ren wich­ti­gen Per­sön­lich­kei­ten, dem All­tag, der Wirt­schaft, der Po­li­tik und Kul­tur ei­ner gan­zen Epo­che. Bil­der, In­for­ma­ti­ons­tex­te, Ge­schich­ten, Land­kar­ten, ei­ne Zeit­leis­te und ein Stamm­baum der Habs­bur­ger wir­ken als mul­ti­me­dia­les An­ge­bot zu­sam­men.

Margaret of Parma, Regent of the Netherlands

Just south of Ghent, the town of Oudenaarde, known by the victory, here the 1708 Marlborough and Prince Eugene won over the French. Symbol a mighty castle, the 1385 was built by Philip the Bold. Emperor Charles V. was accompanied here by his court, and pitched his ministers in the war against the French in his Headquarters. So important in political terms, his stay was, but he found leisure to begin a love affair. It is, here it recognized for the first time the passion for a woman.[...]