Hidden treasures – Genealogical coat of arms

During my research on the family of Kunheim I stumbled by chance upon this wonderful book on the net. These are the moments, about how as a researcher quite insanely happy, even if such work is not in the original has (what a shame)

The title of this feature is: Armorial Genealogical praecipuarum in Prussia Familiarum Nobilum and was written by the author John Hennenberger (Date: end of the sixteenth century) On the total 100 Pages are the coats of arms and pedigrees of noble families v. Aurswalde, Borck, Dobeneck, Eylenburg, Falkenhain, Kalckstein, Kittlitz, Kunheim, Lehndorff, Lesgewang, Mingenrodt, Packmor, Perband, Pressentin, Prembock, Rauschenbladt, Schlieben, Tettau, Troschke, Waldenburg, Wetzhausen usw. presented. (Signature: Rps 73/IV) About this Link can download the book. And now, enjoy!

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