Genealogy of the surgeon Bernhard von Langenbeck

Bernhard von Langenbeck was the 8. November 1810 Padingbüttel in the world, son of the pastor Georg Langenbeck (1766-1844) and his wife Johanna Elisabeth Charlotte Sussman. His grandfather was a pastor in Horneburg and married Marie Elisabeth von der Heyde.

According to lore was his ancestor Henricus Langenbeck, Authorized representative of his sovereign in the peace negotiations 1648 in Munster. Of his siblings, brother George died young in Russia and his sister Elizabeth Anne (1812-1882) later became the wife of the district court counsel Gustav Keitel. The five of his marriage to Arnoldine Reinbold (1817-1886) originating among other children married into the families of Hardenberg, von Roon and one of Plessen. (See database)

Bernhard von Langenbeck (knighted 1864) studied medicine at the Georg-August-University Göttingen, where his uncle Konrad Johann Martin Langenbeck professor taught anatomy and surgery. The nephew received his doctorate 1835 with the dissertation: Retinae of structuring penitiore (About the inner structure of the retina). A year later he published the study: De retina observationes anatomica-pathologicae (About the retina – Anatomical observations pathalogische). For this study received a scholarship Langenbeck, to him a two-year study trip to England, France, Holland and Belgium made it possible.

In 1838 habilitated in Langenbeck in Göttingen as professor of physiology and pathological anatomy. 1841 he was appointed associate professor and in 1842 He was appointed to the Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel as professor of surgery. At the 13.5.1848 Langenbeck took charge of the Charité in Berlin, had previously died when Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach. His successor was Friedrich Stromeyer in Kiel. Through him, the surgical university clinic in the period of 1848 to 1882 the center of Europe in general surgery. Incidentally, he also worked at the Jewish Hospital…

For his performance was Bernard von Langenbeck 1882 the Prussian Privy Council titles awarded.


In memory of Bernhard von Langenbeck, Ernst Bergmann, 1888 (Digitalisat)

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